When it comes to finding a relaxing retreat for a day trip near Cochin, Whispering Waters Resorts in Cochin stands out as a prime choice. Located just a short drive away from the city, this resort provides a perfect getaway for both locals and tourists seeking respite from their daily routines. The peaceful ambiance and pristine surroundings make it an ideal destination to unwind and recharge your senses.

Nestled amidst the lush greenery and enchanting landscapes of Kerala, the Whispering Waters offer a perfect retreat for those seeking adventure, tranquilly, and a deep connection with nature. Located near Cochin, this beautiful resort provides a plethora of exciting activities that cater to all types of adventurers. Whether you’re a trekking enthusiast, a wildlife lover, or a foodie keen to explore Kerala’s culinary delights, Whispering Waters resorts near Cochin have something for everyone. Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover the exhilarating activities and breathtaking experiences that await you.

A trek from the resort to Bhoothankettu along the river through the dense forest is an invigorating experience that takes approximately 6 hours. Immersed in the lap of nature, you’ll witness the beauty of the surroundings and encounter the diverse flora and fauna that call this region home. For the more adventurous souls, trekking across the river to Malayatoor is a thrilling

option. However, it’s important to obtain permission from the Forestry Department and hire guides, as the area is a natural habitat for wild elephants.

Are you searching for a day out destinations near Cochin? Look further than whispering waters. Immerse yourself in the mesmerising sights and sounds of nature by taking a trek along the riverbank. The scenic beauty of the forested terrain, adorned with a canopy of greenery, will leave you awestruck. This leisurely trek allows you to appreciate the untouched beauty of the surroundings while connecting with the tranquilly of the flowing river.

For those seeking a more active adventure, Whispering Waters offers cycling safaris of varying lengths. Explore the picturesque landscapes while pedalling through the winding paths surrounded by verdant plantations and rolling hills. Additionally, village walks provide an opportunity to interact with the locals, learn about their culture, and witness the traditional way of life.

Embark on a thrilling Jeep safari to discover the rich biodiversity of the region. Spotting wildlife in their natural habitat, including majestic elephants, is a highlight of this experience. Another exciting water-based activity is the canoe ride, which allows you to glide through serene waters and immerse yourself in the tranquilly of the surroundings.

For fishing enthusiasts, Whispering Waters offers game fishing experiences. Test your angling skills and catch various freshwater fish species while enjoying the serene ambiance. Furthermore, the resort organises plantation visits to rubber, pineapple, and spice plantations.